ChemMed Bridge have the capabilities to address our clients long term synthetic chemistry requirements. We bring these activities under contract research: Intellectual property (IP) solely belongs to our clients. We can assign one or more chemists to your project of interest through full time equivalent (FTE) collaborations. Our experienced scientific and project management team ensure timely execution of project by solving problems to deliver quality products on time. Alternatively, ChemMed Bridge can acts as an extension of your in-house chemistry group, by providing option to researchers to work in parallel with their company’s personnel to more quickly achieve their goals. For your project requirement, please contact us for further information.

Our synthetic capabilities incudes:

  • Design and synthesis of any structural scaffolds
  • Focused library synthesis
  • Multi-step synthesis
  • Synthesis of intermates
  • Reference compounds
  • Milligram to kilogram scale synthesis
  • Nucleosides and small peptides synthesis
  • Synthesis of PET and SPECT precursor for research